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Jenn's Top Picks: December 2019

Jennifer Hanes MS, RDN, LD

It’s time for December’s list of things I love and use in my own household. I hope you’re enjoying these lists, and as always, feel free to leave a comment to let me know about a product you think I should try!

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The Protein Ball Co.

These are new to me. I was searching for some protein-based snacks to keep on hand. I still love to snack on nuts and seeds, but sometimes you have to switch it up, right?

These protein balls have 170 calories and 10 g of protein in each individual pouch. We bought the cacao + orange flavor, but there are others as well. They taste pretty good, and with protein, fat, and carbohydrates, they are perfect as a snack. You won’t be starving an hour later, nor will you feel fatigued. Perfect for that 3 pm snack to get you through the end of your day!

Taali Water Lily Pops

I initially bought these thinking it was flavored popcorn. I bought the tikki masala flavor. These are actually water lily seeds that are roasted until they “pop.”  

They almost have the texture of Cheeto puffs, and the flavor is intense, which is really what you’re looking for when you buy something tikki masala flavored.

So overall, not what I expected when I bought them, but I was glad to try them. The other flavors look good as well, and they carry these in my grocery store!


So this is the spiralizer I have.  I don’t use it super often, but I’m glad I have it. I’m actually going to use it this week to make sweet potato curly fries (baked, of course). I used this in my recipe for Garlic Parmesan Zucchini as well.

You can use this to make noodles out of various vegetables and then treat them like you would any other pasta, topping with a sauce and a protein. Although,  I don’t typically go this route.

Mine has 3 different blades, but I’ve seen some with as many as 7 to give you different options.

Ghirardelli Melting Chocolate

So you’ll see this melting chocolate in an upcoming dessert post. Of course, you can keep using chocolate chips or baking chocolate bars, but the quality of this chocolate is really good. This really makes a difference in certain recipes.

Also, and I’m not sure if this is merely a coincidence, but I’ve never had this brand seize on me during the melting process. If you’ve ever had chocolate seize on you before, you know how frustrating that is!

Have you tried anything on this list? What about the previous lists

Got any ideas for me to try? Let me know in the comments!

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