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Arby’s Vegetarian Options 2022

Jennifer Hanes MS, RDN, LD

Sometimes, we find ourselves starving after running errands all day right?  While we try to make healthy choices, sometimes fed is best and a quick stop through a drive-through (any drive-through) is in order.

I wanted to include fast food in my Eating Out articles because we’ve all been there. And why not start with the restaurant that “has the meats?”

Go big or go home; I can’t ever seem to choose the easy option first. (Looking at you, Taco Bell).

Limited Time

At the time of writing this, Arby’s has a weird hodgepodge of limited-time items. Most are “diablo” themed but then there’s a ranch and swiss burger, a country rib sandwich, and a strawberry pie, Go figure.

Vegetarian options are slim.

If you’re into spicy, the diablo fries are vegetarian. Though it seems like a shame to go to Arby’s and get fries that aren’t curly…

The only other options here are the Caramel Cinnamon Shake and the Strawberry and Cream Fried Pie. Both of those sound awful to me, but to each his own…

Market Fresh®

Again, not a lot to see here. 

I would choose the Greek Gyro, no beef, extra everything else.  You’ll get pita, veggies, and tzatziki.

Sides and Snacks

The Diablo Fries make their second appearance here.

And you’ll find their famous curly fries and (for some reason) crinkle fries. Otherwise, you’ll find mozzarella sticks and Jalapeno Bites­®.

Get some kind of dip. You’ll probably need it.


You’ll definitely find something sweet here!

There are a few shakes, a few cookies, and some fried pies to choose from. The salted caramel and chocolate cookie looks promising.

Is there a secret menu for Arby’s Vegetarian Options?

Arby’s does have a secret menu, but it is decidedly NOT vegetarian-friendly.

For example, one of the secret menu items is called a “meat mountain.”

Arby’s Vegetarian Options – Bottom Line

Overall, pretty slim picking at Arby’s for a vegetarian. 

You won’t find a balanced meal here, but you should find something to satisfy a sweet tooth or to tide you over until you can eat full meal.

And don’t expect that to change. The company has gone on record stating that they will not be catering to meat-free options.   

No shade to them though. They know their audience, and we ain’t it

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